The unique flavor of honey Melimnos

Εxquisite honey varieties of excellent quality!

The unique flavor of Melimnos is not incidental. The origin of our varieties is the one that shapes the character and flavor of each exquisite variety, composing an excellent result!

The exquisite varieties of Melimnos are derived from the compound of honey varieties collected from Halkidiki, the origin place of Aristotle, as well as from Limnos, the island of God Hephaestus!

By choosing these specific origins and combining their unique features, we create varieties with unique flavor and distinct aroma!

About us

Our Values

Our core values are respect for nature, preservation of tradition, love for what we do, guaranteeing superior quality and the best service for our consumers!

Our Purpose

Our purpose is the honey we produce to be free from unnecessary processing and additional chemical ingredients, maintaining its natural texture!

Our Concern

Our concern is the production of exceptional honey giving emphasis on quality and putting people at the heart of our activity!

The process of our standardization is accomplished in such a way that taste, aroma and nutritional value of honey remain unaltered!


Discover our exquisite varieties

Discover the exquisite honey varieties of Melimnos through three delicious choices

Wildflower Honey


Honey from wild herbs & thyme


Forest Honey


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