Our Story

Alexander began his occupation with beekeeping, from an early age, next to his beekeepers father. He was the one who infused him with the curiosity about the unique functioning of bee society.

Years passed and Alexandros had to leave his beloved island, Limnos, to follow his studies in accounting. In this period of his life, he met the also graduate accountant and later his wife, Anastasia Papatsiflikiotis.

At the end of their studies, they decide to live in Anastasia’s birthplace in Nea Moudania, where they live until today. All these years, however, Alexandros’ memories from the experience of his occupation with nature were alive, leading to a question:

How could he improve and showcase the outcome of the collaboration of the most valuable nature insect with his father?

Thus, he decided to add his own stumbling block to the whole effort to offer people the most valuable gift of nature. Anastasia, was also was also inspired by his vision and contributed to its realization from the very first moment.

Nature gives value and people make valuation

The microclimate that prospers in different regions of Greece, such as the island of Limnos, with its wild herbage rich in thyme, wild herbs and wildflowers, as well as the mountainous forest areas of Halkidiki, the origin place of the great ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, who was the first to study bees, produces honey of great nutritional value and excellent quality.The secret to the unique aroma, the rich taste and the special texture of our high quality honey, lies in the traditional way of production and the excellent raw material.